5 Easy Steps For Content Marketing Nirvana


What Is True When It Comes To Content Marketing?

“Content is King.”

“Content marketing is dead.”

“Nobody reads content.”

“Everybody wants content.”

It gets pretty confusing, doesn’t it. Well, the truth is actually fairly simple: Content is still king, but content marketing is changing; most folks don’t really read much – they prefer pictures and video – yet everyone really does want content.

Can You Have A Simple Content Marketing Plan?

Yes, you can! In fact, when your budget is small and your time and resources are limited, simple is best. But having said that, there are basic components that cannot be left out. This sweet infographic gives a simple, five step road map to using content for inbound marketing simplicity.


The other real truth about inbound marketing with content is that it has become increasingly difficult to maintain and to grow without help. Lot’s of help!

It is certainly possible for a business owner or marketing manager to generate all of their own content, develop an inbound marketing plan, and implement it all by themselves. But the truth is that it takes time and it takes a number of skills and knowledge that most business owners don’t have already, or don’t have the time to acquire.

Content Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be a DIY Job

One of the best solutions for this challenge is to hire a local content marketing agency to mange and execute your Internet marketing for you. Because the plan can be custom fit to your business size and your particular needs, the cost to you for outsourcing can be comfortably affordable.

Automation and delegation are critical to content marketing success. There are gob-loads of tools and apps available for automating much of the production and distribution side of the process. And for content creation itself, delegating that work either internally or through outsourcing, is a great strategy.

So get back in there and refine your process, quantify and review, and do it again!


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