Is Social Media Really Important to My Business?

Many social media channels are virtual behemoths. The sheer number of people that can be potentially communicated with is staggering. And as a small business owner you only want to reach out and connect with a relatively minuscule fraction of these people.

This is not to say that you should dive into every social media channel, tool and fad that presents itself. You should always – ALWAYS – ask yourself the question, “Why would I want to engage in this social media channel?” If you cannot satisfactorily answer that question then don’t do it. Not yet anyway. Every endeavor, every engagement, when it comes to your marketing efforts must serve a very clear objective and should be a logical component of your overall marketing strategy.

Facebook is a great example: you could figure out how to set up a business page, or have someone do it for you, establish a presence and then… what? Would your page simply languish there in the vast sea of almost 1 billion Facebook users? (Yes – 1 BILLION – by the end of 2012) If you do not understand why you want to have a page, what you can do with it, and how it can serve your business AND your customers, then it is simply a waste of time and resources. And you do not have any of those to waste.

On the flip side, however, if you do NOT have a Facebook page for your business you need to seriously consider it. Here’s a link to a great resource from a great site to get you started answering “The Question” (i.e. “Why would I want to engage in this social media channel?”


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