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If you are reading this you may already be familiar with Real Fresh Content. I founded the business back in 2011 as a way for me to offer freelance copywriting services to small business owners and solo professionals.

Over the last five years I have gradually transformed my work to focus more on providing content marketing advice and strategy, and less on providing content. This has been a somewhat bumpy and uncertain transition since I love to produce content – I love to write – but I saw a real need.

It seemed to me that, increasingly, more and more of my clients desperately wanted help in developing and implementing effective content marketing strategies. And as I began to spend more and more of my time making suggestions, offering advice, and developing content marketing plans, I realized that this was the niche I needed to work in.

So now I do.

Publishing Content Is Not Content Marketing

At this juncture I will share a little secret: I will still offer copywriting and written content creation services, but now on a much more selective basis.

And simply publishing blog posts, eBooks or email sequences doesn’t constitute “marketing”, by the way.

Understanding the fundamentals of classic marketing strategy and knowing one’s audience is still absolutely vital. And understanding the distinctions between advertising, traditional marketing tactics, and “content marketing” is also vital. Oh, and knowing the role of SEO, and mastering the dance of writing for Google (and Bing, Yahoo, etc.) and the real humans that you hope are coming to your site.

These are all part of what is often missing for many small business owners and solo professionals trying to engage in this thing called “content marketing.”

Feeding The Beast

What I have found is that many content marketing efforts start off with some well-meaning strategy and a semblance of a plan. The problem is that it becomes like a steamboat that is launched with a vague itinerary and then neglected. The crew at the dock goes back to doing their thing, and the boat goes along, somewhat aimlessly, occasionally drifting.

And then one of two things will happen:

  • The boat will be abandoned and simply sit, stranded on a sand bar somewhere…
  • Or the crew on the boat (often one poor soul) will be furiously feeding the engine to keep it going… nowhere.

This Does Need To Be You

So the goal of Real Fresh Content today is to offer the needed guidance, direction, and assistance for small business owners and solo professionals to carry out effective content marketing strategy.

I achieve this by consulting, through coaching, and with online courses.

Welcome to the “new” Real Fresh Content – your resource for content marketing strategy help. And, when the need arises, even some content writing.

My mission is to help build great businesses through great content marketing. If you want to know more, or have any questions about what I can do to help you, feel free to email me or even give me a call.

[Content marketing] is the only marketing left. – Seth Godin



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