December 3, 2016


Sometimes You Need A Marketing Coach

In addition to the consulting services that I provide, you might consider signing up with me for personalized Content Marketing Coaching.

This typically consists of two to three coaching sessions each month, for a minimum of six months. Any real marketing strategy takes some time to gain traction and deliver measurable results. In addition, coaching is intended to help you create, implement and foster a content marketing practice and culture in your business.

Depending on your objectives you may continue on in a longer term relationship that may only consist of one coaching meeting monthly.

Many clients find that having a reliable “Go To” person for their ongoing and evolving marketing needs is a great way to manage their own marketing efforts while having the advice and input they need, when they need it!

Put Me In, Coach – I’m Ready to Play!

If you would like to learn more, feel free to download this handy guide that describes the Marketing Coaching program at Real Fresh Content:


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