Who Is Your Content For?


The Customer’s Question

What’s your customer’s favorite radio station? WII FM, or “What’s in it for me?”

That is the real question that every customer asks. Whether they realize it or not. Whether they vocalize it or not.

Answering “What’s In It For Me?”

“How will this decision, this purchase, this service or product benefit me? Serve me? Make me happier?” As business owners we do well to remember that at all times and in every situation. As owners-as-marketers we must keep this reality in our focus as we develop marketing strategies and tactics.

As “customer service reps” for our businesses we need to hold this reality before us day in and day out, despite the needs of the business or the unreasonableness of the customer.

Real “Fair Trade”

Now this may seem unfair and even a bit patronizing. Yet it is a reality of human nature and the very nature of commercial transactions: I trade you something you want for something I want. I give you two dollars – which allows you to pay your staff and eke out a bit of profit – and I get a gourmet cup of coffee – which makes me feel good and gives me a boost that I want or need. I win, you win.

But when you advertise your coffee shop and I see your ad or your sign, my first subconscious reaction is something along the lines of “How will that benefit me?” or “What’s in it for me?”

While I realize that this is not a new revelation nor does it rise to the level of quantum physics, it is almost always forgotten, overlooked, dismissed, or misunderstood.

Ever Ready

The point of this little sermon is that your content marketing efforts must always be “customer-centric” and must always, whether directly or indirectly, speak to that primal need of every customer: “What’s in it for me?”

Be prepared to answer that question in a compelling and remarkable way and you will be planting seeds for a great business.


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