November 3, 2016

Why Me?

My Mission

I believe that every business is a “marketing” business.

And I believe that every small business owner and solo professional is a “marketer.” I also believe that content marketing is the best approach for small businesses and solo professionals.

My mission is to help these owners and professionals create great businesses and great content marketing by creating strategic content.

My Story

Having worked with small business owners as a business coach since 2007, I realized early on that marketing is often the single biggest challenge for owners.

You know, the constant grind to get new leads, new customers, and more sales…

Because, as someone once said, “If you aren’t getting business, then you don’t have a business.”

So, I decided to focus on helping my clients with their marketing efforts through content marketing. At first I simply created written content as the need arose. Soon, I was developing content marketing plans, creating blog post strategies and email campaigns, while still continuing to write content.

However, beginning in 2020, I’ve narrowed my work to simply creating strategic content in the form of case studies, white papers, articles and books.

Back to the Present

Today, I’m able to provide useful and strategic content to business owners and other professionals who want to build truly great businesses through content marketing.

My goal is to help small business owners thrive and build great businesses. And Real Fresh Content allows me to pursue that goal by working with other small business owners to create great content.