A Content Marketing Strategy Is Not A Plan



By now, I think most small business owners and professionals realize that “Content is King”, or at least in the top-tier of the marketing pantheon. The point is that we know and understand that a vital part of what we do in our marketing efforts will involve content.

And that content will consist of written words (i.e. webpage copy, printed materials, e-mail, etc.), graphics, and possibly video.


But the problem too many of us run into isn’t so much content creation – you can get people for that! It is a clear understanding of what the heck you are trying to achieve with all that content and how. The possibilities and combinations of content delivery are almost endless. The social media platforms and channels available are staggeringly numerous.

And everybody who is supposedly an “expert” has a slightly different take on what is the best way. So what is a Business Owner-as-Marketer to do?

A Strategy and A Plan

A strategy describes a global path to pursue a formal goal. .. A plan, on the other hand, allocates in detail resources that are necessary to accomplish the strategy.

– Arnold Oskar Picot, Prof. Dr. Dres. h.c. Ludwig-Maximilian-University of Munich

What is needed first and foremost is a content marketing STRATEGY. When it comes to content marketing this is commonly thought of as your editorial mission statement. In other words, when you are dealing with putting content out into the world you are, in effect, now a publisher. And no self-respecting publisher functions without a clearly articulated and documented statement of what their publication stands for.

And neither should you.

Content marketing is not about “what you sell” it’s about “what you stand for.” The informational needs of your customers and prospects come first. Although there must be clear marketing objectives behind the mission statement, those should not be outlined here… To work, your mission statement has to be all about the pain points of your readers and followers or it simply won’t work.

– Joe Pulizzi,  Founder of the Content Marketing Institute

Based on your editorial mission statement you can then develop an effective content marketing strategy for accomplishing your company’s goals and objectives through content and content marketing.

And once you have a clear strategy you can craft a plan for carrying it out. In other words, think Vision, Strategy, Tactics.

Send Lawyers, Guns and Money (and Strategy!)

But here’s the best part: it doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it shouldn’t be. Life and business are complex enough without adding additional layers of complexity on them. Keep your goals simple, your plan straightforward, and be ready and willing to shift and pivot as needed.

This means you must have processes in place to track, monitor, and quantify your results. You have to have a set budget of both time and money to invest – regularly and consistently. You gotta be all in, but you don’t have to go in over your head.

Content marketing is an approach that can be strategically scaled up as the need increases and resources become available. Done well and done right, content marketing can become both the cornerstone and foundation of your company’s promotional strategy.

And it can be fun to do!


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